Petrified Wood Shallow Dish 801R - Andrianna Shamaris
petrified wood shallow dishpetrified wood shallow dishpetrified wood shallow dishpetrified wood shallow dish

Petrified Wood Shallow Dish



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16 x 12 x 1″ high.


Minimalist petrified wood shallow dish. Polished on both sides. Perfect as a place holder for jewelry, a large coaster or for a cheese platter to name a few options. We have a collection of stunning petrified wood slabs and dishes. The price and images reflect the one shown.

It’s fascinating how Mother Nature produces these stunning 40 million year old petrified wood with such contrasting and natural patterns throughout. Modern yet with so much history.

As with a diamond, we polish the highest quality fossilized petrified wood, using our latest ground breaking technology to reveal its natural beauty and contrasting tones. It is then transformed into a unique piece of furniture, unlike any other petrified wood you might find.

We source the highest quality petrified wood available. Over 40 million years old. Each piece is hand selected and highly polished. Petrified wood is extremely versatile – even great inside a bathroom shower. Perfect as a cocktail table, side table or clustered as a coffee table. We can also custom large slabs for counter tops, dining tables or coffee tables.

We have an ever-evolving collection of High Quality Petrified Wood. We only select the best.

Own an Andrianna Shamaris original.

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