New York Times - House & Home - Andrianna Shamaris

New York Times – House & Home

September 8, 2005

Ms. Shamaris, who lived in Indonesia for more than a year after leaving London, her childhood home, imports furniture and clothing — including items of her own design — from Bali, Sumatra and Madura. With warm natural materials, clean lines and simple silhouettes, her funiture is at once modern and exotic, primitive and sophisticated — more Christian Liaigre than Pier 1.

She helped pack more than 90 items (70 of them pieces of furniture) into the container bound for Mr. Milite’s home while on one of her periodic buying expeditions in Indonesia in May. The contents included recycled teak slab and rattan sofas, a bed made of salvaged timbers, hand carved sculptures of tamarind wood, raffia pillows, chopsticks and lacquered palm wood bowls.