The Benefits of Purchasing Furniture Made From Reclaimed Teak Wood

April 14, 2020

Teak is considered one of the best types of wood when it comes to furniture. The immense strength, durability, and beauty it has are unparalleled. In fact, it was the type of wood used to build ships before using steel, thanks to it being incredibly durable. Hailing from the jungles of Southeast Asia, it has become a popular wood to use in high-quality furniture. There are numerous benefits to having teak furniture over other woods. Here are some of the most impressive benefits you will enjoy with this high-quality wood.

Exceptionally Strong and Durable

Since it’s a hardwood coming from a deciduous tree, it has immense strength. Even when you compare it to other hardwoods, it is exceptionally strong. When you take care of furniture made out of teak wood, it can last for over a century! If you want to make an investment in furniture that will last a lifetime, teak is a clear choice.

Insect, Moisture, and Rot-Resistant

There are lots of types of wood that are easy for insects to damage. Termites, carpenter ants, and even fungus, can all damage or destroy furniture, especially if its outdoor furniture. This wood has a naturally-occurring oil that is insect-resistant, making it an excellent option for outdoor furniture. Given how dense a wood this is, it will be very difficult for it to rot or decay. This makes teak furniture, especially a teak chair that is kept outdoors, stay rot-free. It does a great job of keeping moisture on the outside, preserving furniture like a coffee table for decades. Indoor and outdoor furniture both benefit significantly from being made out of teak.

Moderates Heat & Prevents Warping

When you sit down in a teak chair, you will never feel it is too hot or cold. That’s because it moderates heat when exposed to hot summers or cold winters. In connection to this, high-quality teak furniture, such as a teak coffee table, will not warp or shrink in any noticeable way. This is thanks to it being seasoned in a way that removes as much moisture content as possible.


Teak furniture looks very attractive compared with many other types of furniture. This is thanks to the straight grain pattern that is paired with a vibrant golden-brown color. It also feels great to the touch.

High-Quality Teak Furniture

Andrianna Shamaris produces the highest quality teak furniture. We have a large collection all produced within our studio in Sumatra. All of our reclaimed wood is sourced from the jungles of Sumatra, Indonesia, where teak trees grow in their native habitat.

Andrianna Shamaris strives to both retain and enhance the inherent qualities of the wood while producing one-of-a-kind furniture as well as a signature collection. We have many different techniques used for each collection. For example some of the teak wood is bleached to a brilliant white, our St. Barts collection, whilst another collection, the Triple Burnt collection, is charred. We exclusively use reclaimed teak wood to stay as sustainable as possible. Our mission is to provide our clients with premium quality products that are unique, authentic and competitively priced. You can view exquisite furniture made from this premium wood on our website, as well as at our new NYC showroom in Hudson Square. Enjoy all the benefits teak furniture has to offer you, for decades to come