October 23, 2020

The St. Barts Collection features an exciting line of organic bleached, white wash and natural weathered teak furniture. The reclaimed teak is left to bake in the sun and sea salt air for over a year to achieve this unique finish. Select pieces are infused with a brilliant aqua or soft blue resin that is cracked to achieve a unique quartz crystal effect. The final result evokes imagery of the white sand beaches and brilliant aqua waters of the famous French Caribbean Island.

Described as the real-life Indiana Jones of the design world—Andrianna Shamaris is finally leaving next week for her studio in Sumatra, after a 10 month absence due to covid. In the studio we have our reclaimed bleached teak furniture baking in the sun and ready for that final sanding, shaping and finally shipped to our NYC showroom.

After this collection leaves she will start the perilous trek, to the jungle and bring back to her studio fallen logs, visit villages and work with locals, to source these stunning reclaimed logs and create masterful pieces for the following 2021 collection. It’s a journey that sounds so cinematic, so swashbuckling that it’s no wonder why the New York Times dubbed her “The Furniture Hunter.” Upon walking into the expansive new showroom located downtown in Manhattan, one gets struck by the sheer magnitude and ingenuity of the designs. They are sinuous, wildly imaginative and truly one of a kind pieces. We look forward to seeing you!