New Showroom

November 7, 2019

Important news for followers of Andrianna Shamaris-The Leader In Modern Organic Design™, whose core vision is to transform the overlooked ordinary into the timeless extraordinary. 

We have finally moved to our new showroom in Hudson Square, one of the most stylish, in-vogue areas of NYC! 

The new showroom, located at 121 Varick Street is over 3,000 square feet with 20 ft high ceilings and is the ultimate space to view our extraordinary new collections.

Our full range of modern organic furniture and artefacts, always readily available for purchase in store, is complemented by unique collections, which arrive regularly from the studio in Sumatra and New York.

Devotees of modern organic design will be familiar with our timeless and innovative collections of inspirational furniture and artefacts:

The Cracked Resin Collection is a revolutionary line of modern coffee tables, side tables and dining tables made from organic teak and resin. The natural grooves of the reclaimed teak are infused with resin that is cracked to achieve a unique quartz crystal effect. The Cracked Resin Collection is a fabulous way to showcase your space. A perfect combination of modern and organic.

Our Triple Burnt Collection represents a unique line of modern furntiure, made from solid organic wood. Burnt three times to produce a rich, charcoal finish, unachievable using standard stains and finishes. A perfect combination of modern and organic.

The St. Barts Collection features an exciting new line of organic white wash and natural weathered teak furniture. The reclaimed teak is left to bake in the sun and sea salt air for over a year to achieve this unique finish. Selected pieces are infused with a brilliant aqua or ice blue resin that is cracked to achieve a unique quartz crystal effect. The final result evokes imagery of the white sand beaches and brilliant aqua waters of the famous French Caribbean Island. 

We have an ever-evolving collection of High Quality Petrified Wood. As with a diamond, we polish the highest quality fossilized petrified wood, using our latest ground breaking technology, to reveal its natural beauty and contrasting tones. It is then transformed into a unique piece of furniture, unlike any other petrified wood you might find; over 40 million years old. Each piece is hand selected and highly polished with minimal cracks. Petrified wood is extremely versatile – even great inside a bathroom shower. Perfect as a cocktail table, side table or clustered as a coffee table. We can also custom large slabs for counter tops, dining tables or coffee tables.

The Made In New York Collection features custom pieces made within our New York studio. Examples include live edge dining tables with an 8 week lead time. We can work with you in designing items to your specification

In the showroom you will also find a unique and stunning collection of accessories, art objects and architectural elements, which adhere to our core principle of transforming the wild, natural and organic into striking sculptural art objects, all made within our studio in Sumatra.

An additional rental service is provided for you to rent selected pieces and we will always try to work within your budget.

Our mission is to provide our clients with premium quality products that are unique, authentic and competitively priced.

We strive to retain and enhance the organic qualities found in reclaimed wood and other natural elements. Through modern usability design, we transform these components into usable high quality furniture, all the while working to preserve our natural environment. Beyond our products, we aim to deliver a personalized service that far exceeds basic needs by working directly with our clients – every step of the way.