High Quality Petrified Wood Collection

September 6, 2019

Petrified wood is a fossil. It forms when plant material is buried by sediment and protected from decay by oxygen and organisms. Then, groundwater rich in dissolved solids flows through the sediment replacing the original plant material with silica, calcite, pyrite or another inorganic material such as opal.

Petrified wood can also be made into furniture. Our High Quality Petrified Wood is different. We only source from the very best, all hand selected by Andrianna. Upon selection of the finest fossilized logs, we then cut and polish the wood. We are always thinking ahead and coming up with new ideas, such as filling the petrified wood with resin or adding bronze. You saw it here first!

With a collection over 25 years, our High Quality Petrified Wood collection has continued to evolve. We started by sourcing and perfecting natural fine slabs, but have expanded to start changing the content of the petrified wood itself. In 2012 we introduced Petrified Wood with Cracked Resin, whereby we fill the grooves of the petrified wood’s sediment with resin. Here is an example:


Our collection continues to evolve and we remain committed to bringing the highest quality petrified wood to both the public and the trade. Please visit our New York showroom to view our collection or send us an email for the latest collection.