erosion teak wood sculptureerosion teak wood sculpture

St. Barts Teak Erosion Table Base

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20″ DIA x 23″ high. A platform can be made to raise to dining table height.


Beautiful erosion teak table base, naturally eroded over hundreds of years. This reclaimed piece can be used as a dining table or side table base. Great with either a glass or lucite top so that you can see the eroded wood in the center.

The St. Barts Collection features an exciting new line of organic white wash and natural weathered teak furniture. The reclaimed teak is left to bake in the sun and sea salt air for over a year to achieve this unique finish. Select pieces are infused with a brilliant aqua resin that is cracked to achieve a unique quartz crystal effect. The final result evokes imagery of the white sand beaches and brilliant aqua waters of the famous French Caribbean Island.